Membership Options

CrossFit Membership Pricing

*Includes unlimited access to all CrossFit classes

Memberships Pricing
On Ramp Trial Month $129
Month to Month $189/month
3 Month Commitment $179/month
6 Month Commitment $169/month
1 Year Commitment $139/month
Hero Discount (Military, First Responders, Nurses, and Teachers/Students) 30% off package
Drop In Classes $20

To cater to our families here at AE, we have created athlete and family membership options. These memberships are perfect for families who have multiple participants in our AE MetCon classes, AE CrossFit, and/or Athletic Performance programs. We offer programs in these 3 departments all year round, including an In-Season program for athletes who want to maintain strength gains and prevent injuries during their sport season. Athletic Performance programs include all Sport Specific and Athletic Enhancement groups. Other programs included in the memberships are AE CrossFit and AE MetCon). If you commit to a year at AE, not only will you see results, but you will save money as well!

All-Inclusive Family Membership Pricing

*Includes unlimited access to Athletic Performance Training, AE MetCon, and AE CrossFit  for each person in membership. Membership must be 1 year contract.

# of Family Members Cost
Up to 4 Members $250/month
Up to 4 Members, 2 or more attending AECrossFit $275/month

*Custom Family Memberships available. For more details, please contact Scott at [email protected]

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