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Basketball Academy

Basketball Academy

AE Basketball Academy is the equivalent to a college basketball’s off-season program.  We have designed this program with a look ahead to the upcoming months, servicing all of the needs of a basketball player during their off-season.  This program is designed for any high school basketball player that is looking to improve in the following categories: Athletic Enhancement/Strength and Conditioning, Position Specific Training, and/or Injury Prevention.

Are you looking for that one stop shop where you can service all of your basketball needs?  If so, then there is no better place than AE to separate yourself from the PACK and dominate your upcoming camps, AAU tourneys and high school season.

AE Basketball Academy Programs

Athletic Performance/Strength and Conditioning:

If you are training for basketball, the training program needs to reflect the sport of basketball. Our Custom Performance Training (CPT) program takes into consideration the specific movements, muscle groups, and injuries associated with the sport of basketball to design the best training program possible for each player.  In addition to considering the general skills needed to train for basketball, the new program allows AE to take it one step further and program for the position within the sport (i.e. forwards, wings and guards should train differently because the demands of their positions are much different). This program also allows AE, through our evaluation process, to address any injuries an athlete already had or is at risk for based on their history and current movement patterns.  Our Custom Performance Training Program will provide an in depth, affordable experience for all of our basketball players.

The Custom Performance Training program includes a 1 hour Evaluation, Personalized Program (designed specifically around each athlete’s needs, goals, sport(s), position, and injury history), and coaching by our certified and well-trained staff during Custom Performance Training Hours.  (Click Here for More Details)

For more information email the Director of the Basketball Academy, Daquan Sampson, at [email protected].

Position Specific Drills/Explosive Training:

Are you looking to improve your craft during the off-season? Do you need to get more explosive on the court? Athletic Evolution can help you work on your technique and skill set, and/or build your explosiveness.  The Position Specific/Explosive Training Programs will incorporate our Vertimax (seen above) and can be done in 1 on 1 or small group settings.  For more information and pricing options contact Daquan Sampson at [email protected].

Team Training:

If you want to succeed on the court as a team, you need to prepare off the court as a team. AE has had tremendous success in the past helping High School, Club, and Youth teams accomplish their goals by preparing for their seasons the right way. AE can customize a program and schedule that is designed with your team’s needs, goals, and sport in mind.  We will also work with your team, parents, and boosters to come up with an affordable option for everyone (scholarships available).

Team training packages available upon request

For more information or to set up a free team trial contact Scott Duggan at [email protected]

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