AE will have a modified schedule (11am-2pm open gym) on 11/24. AE and AEPT will be closed 11/25-11/26 for Thanksgiving (11/27 normal schedule). AE is now located at 64J Concord St. in Wilmington. Winter Programs now available! Enroll Now

College Programs

Summer College Program

The Summer College Program is designed to improve overall athleticism and prevent commonly seen injuries across all sports. This program is created for any athlete that plays a collegiate sport, and is offered at 530am Monday through Thursday.  Athletes will also have access to Open Gym Hours during the day and on Friday mornings as well in order to make up missed sessions or get in extra work. This 1.5 hour training program is lead by AE’s Director of the Speed Academy and Lead NFL Combine Trainer, Dana Barry, and includes both a movement and resistance training component in it. The movement component includes mobility, warm-up, footwork, agility, linear speed development, plyometrics/power, reaction drills, and conditioning. The resistance training component includes Olympic Lifting variations, explosive exercises, complex movements (squats, deadlifts), functional movements, core training, and injury prevention. Due to Dana’s background the program will have a heavy emphasis on speed and power development.  All of our athletes are supervised by our highly skilled, well-trained, and certified coaches who emphasize proper form and technique throughout the workout. We encourage all  athletes to bring their own collegiate programs and our expert staff will incorporate your school’s program into AE’s proven program.

Summer Group Training Program:.

Start Date: Monday, May 3rd

End Date: Thursday, September 2nd

Classes Offered: M-Th 6am and 6pm

Cost: $399/month (Click Here to Register)

*For those who want to workout on their own, with their own College Program, there is an Open Gym Membership for $125/month. Please note there is no coaching instruction or programming w/ Open Gym Membership.  Open Gym Hours are limited based on availability.  Email [email protected] for more information.

Winter College Program

AE will offer two options for college athletes over winter break.

  1. Winter College Program.  This program is the same as the summer program except offered with a schedule of M/T/Th/F 530am-7am.
  2. Open Gym Membership.  This program is for the athlete who wants to follow their own college program during select hours.  The cost of this program is $125/month.  Weekly options available upon request.  For information email Scott ([email protected]).

If you wish to do personal training or small group training email [email protected] for more information.


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