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Custom Performance Training

***Fall Schedule starts September 14th, 2020 with special fall pricing***

Custom Performance Training – $199/month w/ $100 Evaluation fee(Click here to register)

“Training at Athletic Evolution was an easy decision for me. It helped me grow immensely as an athlete as well as helping me grow as an individual. They have some of the best trainers who have helped me reach my full potential and dominate my college testing!”
-Marc Gatcomb (UCONN Men’s Hockey)

Athletic Evolution is excited to offer Custom Performance Training.  This program will provide each athlete with an evaluation, customized program, and coaching instruction during Custom Performance Training hours.  Athletes will now have access to a program designed specifically for their needs and their goals.  The Custom Performance Training Program will also allow Athletic Evolution’s certified staff to design a program for each athlete that is both sport and position specific (i.e. wide receiver and offensive lineman should train differently).

The cost of the program is $199/month with a $100 evaluation fee prior to the start of their first month of training.  Each month that follows the first month consecutively will be $199/month.  This discounted pricing  will remain during the Fall, Winter, and Spring season. Pricing will increase to normal $225/month and $125 for evaluation during the summer session (May 1-September 1).

Athletes will receive a new program each month based on the their progress and their results from their initial evaluation.  For the best results our staff recommends athletes go through a 4 month program.  Upon completion of an athlete’s membership and program, they will be asked to complete another evaluation before starting a new membership and program.  This evaluation will allow our coaches to adjust the program based on the athlete’s progress from their previous program and introduce any new goals and needs that present themselves.

After registering for the program, athletes will come in for a full Evaluation at Athletic Evolution with their certified and well-trained staff.  The Evaluation will include the following:

  • Survey- Each athlete will be asked to complete a survey that will tell AE’s staff about their athletic history, injury history, training background, and their future performance and training goals.  This will allow the coaches to design the best program possible for each athlete’s specific needs and goals.
  • Movement and Injury Risk Screening- These tests will evaluate how the athlete moves and what injuries they are at risk for.  Any imbalances or movement deficiencies that may lead to injuries or decreased athletic performance will show up through these tests and will be addressed in each athlete’s customized program.
  • Performance Test – Athletes will be tested in all the major lifts  specific to their sport and goals.  Athletes will also be tested in a variety of other performance tests including the Broad Jump, 20 yard Dash, Pro Agility Test, Conditioning Test, and Strength Tests.  The results of these tests will allow AE’s staff to set the athlete’s movements, weights, and conditioning accurately in their customized program.

Athletes will be allowed to work through their own program at any time during Custom Performance Training hours listed below.  During each athlete’s first week, they will work through their entire program individually with a coach. After their first week, athletes will check in with a coach when they enter the facility so they can go over their program. The athlete will then work through the day’s program under the supervision of AE’s well-trained and certified staff.  During Custom Performance Training hours there will be several coaches on the floor based on the number of athletes present.  The coaches will show the athletes how to safely and effectively perform each exercise, and will coach each athlete through their program.  Athletes can take their program home with them, and they may do their program both inside and outside of Athletic Evolution at their own convenience.  We strongly recommend that all athletes get cleared by a coach on all movements in their program before moving outside of the facility.  Each month the athletes will receive a new program that has progresses off of their previous month.

Custom Performance Training Hours:

Classes Offered Year Round:

Monday-Thursday: 6:15am, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, and 6pm

Classes Offered During School Year Only (September 14th-June 16th):

Friday: 3pm and 4pm

Saturday: 9am

Classes Offered During Summer Break Only (June 17th-August 23rd):

Monday-Thursday: 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm

*Please note afternoon classes M-Th (listed above) are available year round, including the summer.

Evaluation Times:

*All athletes must schedule Evaluations by emailing Kaitlyn at [email protected] after registering for the program online or at the front desk.  Athletes should complete an Evaluation immediately after registering for the program so their customized program can be ready as quickly as possible.  Athletes will not be allowed to schedule an Evaluation until they have registered and paid for their first month of the program.

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