Athletic Evolution prides itself on providing one of the best internship experiences in strength and conditioning.  AE offers internships both independently and through your respective schools.

Athletic Evolution’s internship program is designed to be a hands-on internship.  It is not meant to be an observation.  Interns will go through training prior to program in which they will learn the logistics and movements associated with AE’s proven Athletic Performance Program.  Upon completion of their training, interns will be integrated into the Athletic Performance Program for the following 10 weeks.

During training Interns will learn AE’s proven Athletic Performance Program and all of the movements associated with the program.  They will learn the progressions, regressions, and coaching cues associated with each movement.  They will learn how to demo and coach each movement, and each intern will learn the common mistakes associated with each movement and how to correct them.

In addition to learning AE’s Athletic Performance Program, interns will experience multiple workshops led by physical therapists, strength and conditioning coaches, and other health professionals from inside and outside AE.  These workshops will serve to expand the education of each intern in the exercise science field.

When training is done, the session will begin with welcoming hundreds of athletes and several teams to their program.  Interns will start by assisting our full-time staff with their individual groups.  This includes set-up and clean-up of equipment each day as well as assisting in coaching each group and each movement.  Interns will be asked to work one-on-one with athletes to help pattern form and correct any deficiencies the athlete might show.  The quicker the interns prove themselves, the more responsibility they will be given.  Each intern has the opportunity to be slowly integrated into the program by first leading certain segments on their own. The interns will gradually progress to leading more and more of the program with the goal of leading large groups of athletes through full programs on their own by the conclusion of the summer. This includes going over all the movements, keeping the group on time, putting coaches/interns in right position underneath you, and making sure the group stays safe and improves throughout the program.  My own personal goal as Internship Director is to have all of my interns prepared to become full-time strength and conditioning coaches upon completion of their internship at AE.

If Athletic Evolution and its Internship Program Interest you, please contact Scott Duggan, Director of Strength and Conditioning, at [email protected] for more details, and/or to formally apply for AE’s Internship Program.  When applying please include resume and which season you would like to apply for.  Internship Programs are available for Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer, as well as Fall and Spring Semesters.

Scott Duggan, CSCS
Director of Strength and Conditioning

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