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Small Group Training

Small Group Training 

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The Small Group Training Program is for athletes of all ages who are looking for a personalized program and/or have outgrown our Athletic Development Program.  This program provides a cheaper alternative to personal training and a more advanced and in depth product than our new Athletic Development Program.  All athletes in this program will work with one of our lead coaches in a small group (3-6) using a program that was designed just for them, their sport(s), and their goals.  You may find your own group or you may select a class time listed below with other athletes.  Each athlete will get an evaluation by one of our lead coaches before starting so they can receive a customized program just for them.  The cost of the program is customized based on the amount of days per week (2 and 4 day options), the amount of months they select (the more months you commit to, the cheaper the monthly rate), and the coach they work with (Our Directors, Scott and Dan, have higher rates).  Prices below are for all coaches except Scott and Dan.  To work with either Scott or Dan please contact them using their emails below to check scheduling, pricing, and availability.

Small Group Training Coaches:

Dan – Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Adults (Schedule Available Upon Request by Emailing [email protected])

Scott – Football, Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Linear Speed, Rehab (Schedule Available Upon Request by Emailing [email protected])

Katie, Shawn, Shane, and Taylor – All Sports. See Schedule Below.

To see Coaches Bios click here.

Small Group Training Schedule (excludes Dan and Scott):

M-Th 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm

F 3pm, 4pm

Sat 9am

Small Group Training Memberships:

4 Days/Wk, 1 Month: $399/month

4 Days/Wk, 2 Months: $374/month

4 Days/Wk, 3 Months: $349/month

2 Days/Wk, 1 Month: $299/month

2 Days/Wk, 2 Months: $274/month

2 Days/Wk, 3 Months: $249/month

For more information or to set up a small group training program please email [email protected].

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