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Sports Specific Training

Athletic Evolution is now offering Custom Performance Training so that athletes can train for their sport year round.  Custom Performance Training includes a Full Evaluation, Personalized Program (designed specifically around each athlete’s needs, goals, sports, position, and injury history), and coaching by our certified and well-trained staff during Custom Performance Training Hours.  (Click Here for More Details)

If you are training for a specific sport, the training program needs to reflect that sport. Our Custom Performance Training Program takes into consideration the specific movements, muscle groups, and injuries associated with that sport to design the best training program possible to prepare each athlete for their upcoming season.  In addition to the considering the sport, the new program allows AE to take it one step further and program for the position within the sport (i.e. offensive Linemen and wide receivers in football should train differently just like pitchers and positional players in baseball should train differently because the demands of their positions are much different). The program also allows AE, through our evaluation process, to address any injuries an athlete already had or is at risk for.  Our Custom Performance Training Program will provide a unmatched experience for all of our athletes.

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