AE Football Academy

AE Football Academy is the equivalent to a college football program’s off season program.  We have designed this program with a look ahead to the upcoming months, servicing all of the needs of a football player.  This program is designed for any high school football player that is looking to improve in the following categories:

  1. Position Specific Training
  2. Athletic Enhancement
  3. Combine Preparation
  4. Knowledge of how to get recruited while utilizing a recruiting service (at no extra cost)

Are you looking for that one stop shop where you can service all of your football needs?  If so, then there is no better place than AE to separate yourself from the PACK and dominate your upcoming camps, combines and football season.

Our packages are as follows:

  • All-Inclusive package
    • MWF-2.5 hour football specific and position specific strength & conditioning program, created specifically for each individual and encompassing all elements of athletic enhancement training, led by the best strength & conditioning coaches in the New England area plus combine specific training led by Erik Kaloyanides, NFL combine guru, who has helped 24 college football players prepare to perform at their best for the NFL combine
    • Saturday – 2 hour Position specific training / speed development training session
    • Recruiting – Led by Roger Silva and NE Gridiron Promotions and in conjunction with AE’s football staff, each player will be taken through a thorough evaluation both athletically and football skill and
    • Dates – January 8 – March 17
  • Saturday only package
    • 3 hour program concentrating specifically on position skill development and combine specific training
    • Recruiting
    • Dates – January 13 – March 17
  • New England Spring Football
    • This program will be the first of its kind for New England High School football players.  It will take place on Saturday’s at Austin Prep from 4pm – 8:30pm and will include the following schedule
      • 4-5pm (combine specific training)
      • 5-6:30pm (position specific training led by former D1 and NFL players and coaches)
      • 6:30-7pm (1-on-1’s)
      • 7-830pm (7v7 and a Big Man Challenge)
      • Recruiting –
      • All stations will be filmed and cut up and each athlete will receive their cut up to upload to Huddle and use for recruiting purposes
      • Dates – April 7 and ending on June 2 (off for Memorial day weekend)
      • If you are participating in either of the AE Football Academy programs, you will receive a 20% discount
      • Click Here for more details
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