New England Spring Football

  • New England Spring Football
    • This program will be the first of its kind for New England High School football players.  It will take place on Saturday’s at Austin Prep from 4pm – 8:30pm from April 7th-June 2nd (Excluding Memorial Day Weekend).  It will include the following schedule:
      • 4-5pm (combine specific training)
      • 5-6:30pm (position specific training led by former D1 and NFL players and coaches)
      • 6:30-7pm (1-on-1’s)
      • 7-830pm (7v7 and a Big Man Challenge)
      • Recruiting – Led by Roger Silva and NE Gridiron Promotions and in conjunction with AE’s football staff, each player will be taken through a thorough evaluation for football and athletic performance.
      • All stations will be filmed and cut up and each athlete will receive their cut up to upload to Huddle and use for recruiting purposes
      • Dates – April 7-June 2 (off for Memorial day weekend)
      • Cost – $1199 (Click Here to Register)
      • If interested in combining with Strength and Conditioning Program January 8th-March 24th you will receive discount on bundle.  $2298 (Click Here to Register).
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