Online Training

We at Athletic Evolution are pleased to announce our Online Training Platform via TrainHeroic. With our new Online Training Platform individuals can have access to our coaches and programming without having to come into our facility. Athletes that sign up for Online Training can use any gym setting (big box gym, college gym, home gym, etc.) with our expert programming. This program helps to eliminate barriers that some gym-goers face. Each athlete will receive a structured program tailored to the equipment they have access to and the goals they have. After signing up, the athlete will set up a time to have a zoom call with the coach they choose to work with. During this zoom call the coach will ask a series of questions to come up with the best plan for the athlete to achieve their fitness goals. This program offers a cost-effective option to work with a high-level Strength coach. The two membership options are listed below:

1 on 1 Online Training
  • Weekly check ins with coach of your choice.
  • Access to coaches’ cell number to talk directly.
  • Option for nutritional advice, guidance.
  • Flexible programs tracked through TrainHeroic App with exercise video demos and explanations available.
  • First session is a zoom call with goals set and program details explained.  Coach will reach out via email immediately after you register for the program.
  • Price: $300/Month
Customized Training Template
  • Less communication with coach than 1 on 1 Online Training Program.
  • Initial eval and communication through TrainHeroic App with demo videos and exercise descriptions.
  • Custom Program based on your goals available on your phone,
  • One-time fee for program based on length.
  • Multiple options:

Please email if you have any questions regarding online training or if you need help registering.

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