Dry-land Hockey Training Program

About the Program

Athletic Evolution’s Dry-land Hockey Training is a premier strength and conditioning program lead by Dan Thiesing. Along with being the Director of the Dry-land Hockey Training at AE, Dan is the Head Strength and Conditioning coach for the Bentley University Men’s Ice Hockey Team, competing at the Division 1 level in the Atlantic Hockey Conference. The goal of the program is to take every athlete’s game to the next level by providing a structured, periodized program specific to the game of hockey. Every athlete enrolled in the program will receive a customized program tailored to their goals and position, along with the custom program each athlete will work directly with Dan during every session. The workouts are designed to develop the specific muscles and energy systems needed to elevate every athlete’s game.

What's Included

  • Complimentary evaluation
  • Customized programs based on position, skill level, and goals
  • 16 sessions
  • Nutrition advice and guidance
  • Online training option for those who cannot commute to the facility

About Dan

Dan’s life has revolved around the game of hockey. From his dad playing at Boston University, to him playing for the Bridgewater Bandits from Peewee all the way to the USPHL Juniors level. Since joining Athletic Evolution’s staff in 2016 Dan gravitated towards training hockey players, developing their skills off the ice to directly translate to their game on the ice. Dan was previously the Head Strength coach for the Reading High School Boy’s hockey team, Islanders Hockey Club NCDC level team, and Austin Prep Boy’s Hockey team. He is currently the Head Strength coach for Bentley University Men’s Hockey Team. Dan has also worked individually with several hockey players currently playing at the NCAA, Junior Hockey, Semi-Professional, and Professional Hockey level. Dan’s passion for the game of hockey and for the individuals he trains motivates him to keep up with all the current literature and technology to provide the best product for every athlete he works with.

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