About Athletic Evolution

Athletic Evolution is your one stop shop for everything fitness. Whether you are an athlete looking to see performance gains on the field, a person trying to rehab from an injury, or a mother/father looking to shed some pounds while her son workouts, AE is the facility for you.

Athletic Evolution opened its doors during the summer of 2005 as a state of the art Athletic Performance facility. Founder and President, Erik Kaloyanides, had a vision of teaching athletes to train their bodies with a single purpose in mind– success. Erik created a facility unlike any other in the area where athletes can achieve greatness in an intense, safe, and fun environment.

Over the years, AE has grown significantly. In 2008, AE teamed up with NIKE as the official NIKE SPARQ training center of the North East. Over the summer of 2014, state of the art Keiser and Vertimax equipment were brought in to provide athletes with professional level equipment to match the caliber of facility and staff it already had.

What started as a strength and conditioning facility has now grown into a family friendly fitness complex, providing families with programs suitable for any fitness goals.

AE’s programs are now divided into 3 departments:

Athletic Performance

AE’s Athletic Performance Program offers personal, semi-private (ESPProgram), and team training options. No matter what you are looking for AE has a program and membership for you!


Athletic Evolution has carefully developed a number of academies to focus on developing athletes specifically in their sport. Each academy is specifically designed by elite-level coaches with years of experience in their respective areas. Coaches will provide a structured, periodized approach to each individual athlete to reach their goals within sport.

Physical Therapy

In April of 2018 AE opened AE Physical Therapy so we can provide rehab and prehab options for our athletes and adult populations. Our expert staff led by Shannon Walton and Maureen Lewis specialize in both athletic and general populations.

Let Us Help You Achieve Your Goals

We're dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and reach your full potential.