TPI Movement Screen

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The TPI movement screen is a functional movement assessment will look for any mobility restrictions in golfers which may affect different aspects of the golf swing. It will help players identify the unique areas of their own swing which may affect their golf game or lead to injury. The TPI movement screen and swing assessment will help assess the following:

  • 16 different movements
  • Most common swing characteristics
  • Movement quality
  • Painful movement patterns

Following the TPI movement and swing screen, each individual will work with their Titleist Performance Instructor to identify corrective exercises and drills for any limitation or swing characteristics seen. If the individual felt any pain during the assessment, they will also be provided with options/next best steps for follow-up treatment. Athletic Evolution currently offers the TPI movement and swing screen at their office in Wilmington, MA with Charlie Savard, PT, DPT, , Cert MS, TPI Level 1 certified. He is a former collegiate baseball player and has worked with athletes of all levels ranging from middle to professional athletes.


Pricing options:

  • $250:  75 minutes
    • TPI initial evaluation including training session to review individualized exercise program, access to app where golfer can follow their personalized exercise program, as well as access to Charlie’s email
  • $150: 45 minutes
    • -TPI initial evaluation only – includes access to app where golfer can follow their personal exercise program as well as access to Charlie’s email
  • $150 – 4 Week Follow-up Evaluation

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