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Speed Academy

Every athlete shares one common goal, they all want to get faster. Speed Kills and everyone knows it. There is no facility in the Northeast better at getting you faster than Athletic Evolution. Over the past 15 years AE has prepared players for the NFL Combine and had over 60 athletes sign NFL contracts because of it. AE currently works with all ages and sports to help kids develop speed. Reggie Garrett, the Director of the Speed Academy, has developed a proven program to help each athlete attain major speed gains in just a short window. No matter your sport, we will help you blow away the competition!

Speed Academy Tiers


Tier 1: Beginner

Basic introduction into technique & movement skills

Athletes must test into next Tier

Most Popular Program

Tier 2: Intermediate

Designed for athletes with a good movement foundation

Most frequent and popular class. Includes skills from Tier 1 and Tier3

Athletes can test out with mastery of Tier 3 movements

Up for the Challenge?

Tier 3: Advanced

Available for Athletes who test out of Tier 2

Coached by our Speed Director

Advanced programming designed for sport application

16 Class Punch Card


Personal Training

For athletes interested in 1 on 1 Training email [email protected]

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