Balancing Life and Sport

One of the top struggles for athletes and coaches all over the world is finding that balance between being great at your sport and having a “life” outside of your sport. At times, this feels like a completely impossible task. The demand you have to put into your sport to be ready for competition can and usually bleeds into your personal life. So when I’m asked the age old question of “is there such a thing as Sport-Life balance” I did some digging. I came across a great article written by Liz Masen who is the Client Director of Athlete Assessments called “2 Thoughts on “When all you have is sport: For Coaches and Athletes” I had to share her message. I, like many coaches, have struggled with managing my time at work and at home and this article is a great resource for finding more balance in our lives. Give it a read and let me know what you think!

Check out the article here